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Breaking - The Matrix - Follow - The Money

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Work in Progress Site Undergoing Changes..

The level of control that The System has over our lives and the ability of that system to drag you down and manipulate situations can only be understood if you have experienced it first hand.

Its like trying to explain what Chocolate, Ice Cream or what your favourite food tastes like to someone that has never tasted it before..

Its near impossible unless you have them taste or do the thing you are experiencing and situation you wish to convey.

To understand a little better how the existing system has woven its way into every aspect of your daily life you need to live it for a bit but be told the truth about what is really happening in the world of commerce in order to appreciate this fully.

But What Is Debt or Usury as it was once called?

If we fully follow the process of the monetary system it clearly demonstrates that money is perception used to pay your way through life.

97% is on electronic ledgers and the rest is IOU's (Notes) and a few coppers where the value is in the metal. Paper/ Plastic with ink on it. Think of its actual value.

Question: What is it really used for?

Answer: An exchange of Value or

a Method of Control

For Students today in the West this has become worse as their so called education saddles them with debt from day 1.

This is wrong as they come out with a knowledge set in a changing environment that is witnessing the onset of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics dominating the new technologies in the work space?

This advancement of the Corporate Driven Government backed system hasn't changed in the last 200 to 300 years.

To get an idea historically of having to sell out to a system that takes more and more control till your way of life is totally destroyed i suggest reading the teachings of Chief Seattle and his address to the American Government. These words demonstrate this scenario very well.

Read Chief Seattles linked speech below.

Words attributed to Chief Seattle.

The earth does not belong to man; man belongs to the earth. This we know. All things are connected like the blood which unites one family. Whatever befalls the earth befalls the sons of the earth. Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it.

Whatever he does to the web he does to himself



From 2006/7 till October 2018 i had spent time trying to identify where fraud had occurred in the Mortgage Industry after raising mortgages on two off plan apartments.

Prices we identified were rigged and the specified product wasn't delivered. FRAUD had occurred, but where and how were the questions i was left with after the anger had subsided.

This is where the Property Action Group piece has come from within the linked article . This issue is widespread and a lot greater than many understand.

The clear answer to these questions came after a meeting with my MP and All Party Political Group for Banking APPG BANKING Exec Director Heather Buchanan in Westminster.

Also at this time i was participating in a Crowdfunding platform, as i was looking to address the problem of those who had been defrauded by Banks and how to raise funds outside of a corrupt Banking system.

As i now know in the full knowledge of the UK Government.

All parties implicated.

Banks - The City - Own UK Govt - MP's - FACT.

Politicians are the bottom of the

Banker Food Chain.

Kevin Hollinrake MP Requesting an Investigation & Tribunals into extensive Bank Fraud UK wide.

MP William Wragg - Stockport opened stating "How Do We Unpick This" its a sorry state of affairs that MPs find themselves here again where 1000's of SMEs had their accounts plundered by their Banks. This is the Fourth debate where systemic asset stripping, inflated charges, fees are levied and no one Bank has been brought to justice .

The Govt had kept Fraud quiet through the HM Treasury agencies, the FSA and FCA since 2006 and possibly before this. Some people cases go back to the mid 90's

The world of work is changing and there is less likelihood to have a job for life.

Job for Life doesn't happen any more?

Undertakers maybe?

Doctors possibly?

There will be others but get the picture?

To Understand the Process and Why this is growing rapidly understand the financial system we currently have is broken and this is due to the Banking mechanism that took a grip of society globally and has used us effectively to build their ivory castles.

To further recognise this, a clip from INSIDE JOB is a good start.

The story of the 2008/9/10 crash.



Wouldn't it be better if we all helped one another to achieve our own individual Goals Hopes and Dreams or those of our families?

The existing Global System brings conflict and division. By Design


On A Closing Note:

Please spend the time to listen to Ian Crane whose knowledge, Intelligence and steadfast position on identifying just causes and what is right need to be acknowledged.

The piece about the finance system toward the back end of the video is an interesting view from one of our political parties that you would have thought known better.

It however confirms the view:

Banks Own Govt MP's & Political Parties - FACT.

Politicians are the bottom of the

Banker Food Chain.

Further quality observations on UK life come from Australian Jounalist and reporter John Pilger. A Must Read

The majority vote by Britons to leave the European Union was an act of raw democracy. Millions of ordinary people refused to be bullied, intimidated and dismissed with open contempt by their presumed betters in the major parties, the leaders of the business and banking oligarchy and the media.

This was, in great part, a vote by those angered and demoralised by the sheer arrogance of the apologists for the "remain" campaign and the dismemberment of a socially just civil life in Britain. The last bastion of the historic reforms of 1945, the National Health Service, has been so subverted by Tory and Labour-supported privateers it is fighting for its life. 

A forewarning came when the Treasurer, George Osborne, the embodiment of both Britain's ancient regime and the banking mafia in Europe, threatened to cut £30 billion from public services if people voted the wrong way; it was blackmail on a shocking scale.

Read the full article for an Australians view on UK so called democracy.

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